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Indication of a gambling addiction

CLEVELAND CLINIC – As March Madness heads into its last online game, casual gamblers will be seeing their brackets closely.


For those who are struggling with gambling addiction, all of the ‘chaos’ might be problematic.

Compulsive gamblers might not acknowledge that they have an issue, because they are not addicted to a drug.

According to Rudy Kump, an addiction specialist at Cleveland Clinic, the brain can be simply as responsive to a gambling ‘high.’.

“The brain of a gambler, gambling, is basically identical to somebody who’s high up on cocaine,” said Kump. “The very same pleasure center is illuminated.”.

According to Kump, gambling is not only highly addictive, but it can likewise take lots of types and does not necessarily have to occur in a casino.

He said many people don’t even understand that the behavior they are engaging in is, in truth, gambling. For example, activities such as buying lotto tickets and office brackets are all forms of gambling.

While such activities are normally safe for folks who do not have problem with addiction, those who do can wind up spending countless dollars rather of a few.

Kump also stated that when everybody is casually betting for an occasion, it can be much easier for the compulsive gambler to mix in.

Indication to look out for consist of an individual being unable to stop their behavior, in spite of the negative repercussions, showing sensations of shame, regret, or remorse, obtaining money to cover losses and lying about finances or moving money around to cover loss.

According to Kump, fortunately is that recovery is attainable and there are numerous resources readily available through local non-profit and state-run organizations.

“People who come through rehabilitation, when they leave, they come back and they state the very same thing: ‘I’m totally free. I’m free of the grasp, the throngs of the addiction, I do not need to hide anymore; I do not have to cover things up,” said Kump.