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Two dutch apprehended in international illegal gambling examination

The police robbed a total of 15 addresses in the Netherlands, Germany and Austria on Monday as part of an international investigation into unlawful gambling. 2 men from Enschede were detained, the Public Prosecutor announced.


The investigation is focused on an organization believed to offer illegal gambling and betting opportunities on football in the Netherlands and Germany. According to the Prosecutor, the company pays no gambling tax and conceals the incomes from these illegal activities through money laundering.

Two men from Enschede, age 44 and 51 years old, were jailed. The 44 year old male was apprehended in Germany. The Dutch authorities seized more than a million Euros in bank accounts, genuine estate and vehicles.

The Dutch police, with the aid of Defense, robbed and search gambling places in Utrecht, Enschede, Hengelo, Devender and Amsterdam. In addition to gambling areas, four houses were likewise searched in Enschede. The German cops searched 2 houses and business premises. And in Austria the administration of one company was taken.